Stribling is oriented toward the practical, everyday applications of Buddhism, and he deftly avoids all metaphysical speculation. Stribling declares that “this is not a book written with women in mind,” but all readers can find a highly accessible introduction to Buddhism in this intriguing pocket-size work. (Aug.)

“Buddhism for Dudes shoots straight and doesn’t blink. It’s John Wayne meets Zen, complete with all the wisdom and tough guy charm you’d expect”—Matthew Bortolin, author of The Dharma of Star Wars

Buddhism for the average person. Great book that introduces the Buddhist thought into your every day life. It is short and to the point, a great introduction. I hope to see more from Gerry Stribling on this topic. A book to read and pass along to your friends.–Janine Brouillette, Goodreads

“I found this to be a very entertaining and informative read, not nearly as skewed towards machismo as the author made it sound at the onset. The writing has a very genial and inviting tone throughout; the author’s voice is friendly and immediately relatable. The light, easy-reading feel of the book serves to build a completely nonthreatening atmosphere in which it can discuss some often misunderstood concepts in philosophy and religion… the best way I can sum up this book is to say that it’s “Buddhism for Dummies”, read to you by That Guy in your fishing boat who always wants to talk about Big Things. I did find his words on meditative pooping especially entertaining, and I’m not being sarcastic when I say that they were one of the most helpful and illustrative explanations in the book. Buddhism for Dudes is a great way to introduce people to the central concepts without overwhelming and alienating anyone. A solid four stars; I thoroughly enjoyed this read.”–Amerle Husbands, Goodreads

(Gerry Stribling, changing people’s bowel movements since 2011!)

“I was a little afraid to win this book from Goodreads. I won it for my husband who was a Navy man, so, I assumed he would want to read it. No deal. Well, I figured someone had to read it as that is the bargain we make with good reads. I truly enjoyed this book. I found it humorous and enlighting. Kudos to the author. Kept me engaged and wanting to find out more about The Buddhist life style!”–Vicky, Goodreads

(Can’t blame him – it was written by a Marine!)

“Two things the reader discovers early on is how easily the author’s voice comes across and the warmth of that voice. Whether discussing principles of Buddhism or telling personal stories, the author writes as through you’re having a personal conversation with him. The reason the author’s voice is a positive is because he seems to be exactly the type of man someone would want in their life as a close friend, father, grandfather or even as a crazy uncle. I must note that, beyond his service in the military, he has earned my respect and admiration with his dedication to help people find true happiness and how he seems to see everyone in a positive light.

“The author warns repeatedly that the book is tailored for a male audience (hence the title). However, to dispel any concerns, the book is thankfully not nearly as male driven as the author would like one to think. Make no mistake, there is a male aim to the writing but nothing that should drive away potential readers. Fear not female readers out there, this book is for you as well.

From Linda Blanchard on Goodreads: “Not just for dudes, though not for those of any gender who have delicate sensibilities when it comes to bathroom humor or mentions of sex (are there any of those folks left in the world?). And, really, there wasn’t all that much the delicate could object to, anyway. Most of the book just deals in a down-to-earth way with what Buddhism is about. Wonderful on the basics of Buddhism, quick read, friendly, informal tone. I’m getting extra copies to give away to friends — no greater recommendation than that, is there.

(Linda is also a Buddhist writer, and an expert on the Buddhist concept of Dependent Arising.)


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