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A small wooden bench, only twelve inches tall and wide, and maybe eighteen inches long. Rough. Something you might find in a third world preschool. There is no comfortable place to sit in a Buddhist monastery. I could barely manage to keep my fat American ass perched on the torturous little seat for many long hours over the six months I studied literally at the feet of the monks in the fragrant jungles of Sri Lanka.

Risking butt splinters for half a year, little did I realize that my volunteer teaching job in the jungle would result in understanding the secret of happiness. Now everything I learned is in a book you can read in a few hours, and you can sit wherever you want.

It’s called Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead’s Field Guide to Mindfulness, published by Wisdom Publications, Inc., and distributed by Simon and Schuster. It’s available in bookstores and through, Barnes and Noble, and many others, as a fit-in-your-back-pocket paperback, and as an e-book. Right now Amazon has it on sale for twenty percent off.

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I’m not just selling a book about Buddhism, I’m saying that with a little knowledge and a little effort, you can be happy, as happy as me. Oh, sure, I get a case of the red-ass every now and then, but I am a genuinely contented dude. Abiding happiness is living, and then dying, with a sense of purpose, love in your heart, and a smile on your face. That’s my plan.

BTW, women love Buddhism for Dudes. It couldn’t be doing better with women readers if I’d titled it Girls Have Kooties.